Teaching Your Agility Dog to Sit Still

David Muriello makes a good point in this video that has lead to some controversy in the dog training world.

This lesson on teaching your dog to sit still is a precursor to the long stay, however, some trainers will not teach a stay as they feel the sit is a static command and the dog should stay in the sit until further notice.

It would be great to see a dog not as willing to hold the stay as this one is, but David does instruct on what to do with an active dog as well.

We would also like to point out that this is NOT a “How to Sit” lesson as you would want to release your dog and ask for the sit repeatedly to teach the actual Sit portion of this exercise.

This is a lesson that would follow teaching the “Sit” command to increase the duration of the sit before adding a “Stay” command if you so chose.

A great lesson for dogs with low impulse control to help them gain control of their emotions, if you agree be sure to LIKE. Click here for part 2 of the stay exercise – Adding Hand Signal and Distance