Adding Hand Signal and Distance to Your Agility Dog Stay

This is the second video by David Muriello on teaching your dog the stay command. He first teaches the dog to sit still then moves to the stay. You can watch that here – Teaching Your Dog to Sit Still

David moves pretty quick with this dog as she is offering the right choice every time. He does set her up to fail in order to show you how he handles it.

He can move this quick in part due to the previous lesson where he technically taught the stay but without a hand signal.

Though he is adding a hand signal, we find this to be a proofing exercise to the sit still exercise and adding a release to the exercise.

Remember also that we suggest you do not change duration of time away and distance from the dog at the same time. If you do and your dog breaks, you will not know which element triggered the break.

We hope this helps you get started on teaching a solid stay for your dog which they could need at the start-line and will definitely need at the table obstacle.