How to Identify Piriformis Sciatic Nerve Pain

We share loads of videos on identifying and treating the most common injuries that can happen to your dog on the agility field, now it’s your turn.

Dog agility is an athletic event for both you and your dog. Yes, the dog is doing far more agility, but your body can hurt too.

These two can be a bit tedious in their presentation, but they have a ton of great information to help you get back on track.

Most people have heard of sharp pain down the back of the leg being from the sciatic nerve, but it isn’t always a “pinched” never.

Piriformis Syndrome can be a reason for sciatic nerve pain and here are some tests to find out if that is what you are experiencing.

If you or someone you know suffers from sciatic nerve pain be sure to SHARE this video as it can help you identify the location of your pain before seeing your doctor. Check out their other video for helpful exercises for Piriformis Syndrome.