Zappa’s Dog Agility Jump Crash

There is an element of surprise on the dog agility course and great teams learn how to think on the fly to adjust for them.

But sometimes there just isn’t enough time or enough room to make the changes necessary to avoid a misstep.

During this USDAA Grand Prix run Zappa, the border collie, takes the teeter nicely, but can’t control the downside exit.

Instead of performing the usual 2o2o that Zappa does on contacts, Zappa slides all the way to the end and beyond.

This mistake costs Zappa some precious inches needed to make the turn to the next obstacle correctly.

Zappa gets to the winged jump too wide and ends up hitting the standard and crashing the entire jump.

Luckily Zappa lands fairly well and is able to miss being slammed by the wing as it comes crashing down.

Zappa is taken directly to be check out and was unharmed physically as well as mentally.

One element that could have been an issue is the traction on the teeter.  Be sure your contact obstacles have good traction with Affordable Agility’s Contact-A-Coat and get all the advantages of rubberized surfaces for contact obstacles. Rubber surfaces are recommended by the best of the agility world and many agility organizations. Check it out here Contact-A-Coat.