A Truly Rare Sight is the Saluki Running Dog Agility

We have had a bit of fun with the Saluki in dog agility as they are not what one would call a “natural team player.”

They have plenty of speed and agility, but they prefer to work alone, chasing prey, not being told where to go.

And it helps you to fully appreciate what you will see in this video of Sciocu, who is breaking all Saluki rules.

This Saluki seems to have taken to dog agility like a bird dog to water and loving every minute on this course.

Maybe it is because the handler is able to stay ahead of Sciocu and in doing so able to elicit the prey drive.

Whatever it is, this handler has made that connection we are all striving for with our dogs on the agility course.

That of a team working together and being able to rely on each other to get the job done while enjoying each other.

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