Zip’s Glory Run in Wheelchair With Sue

On December 3, 2011 Sue ran her well accomplished Border Collie, Zip, in the Glory Run for retired Agility Dogs.

Zip a 10yr old Border Collie is one of those dogs that had no idea of what defeat means as he has numerous titles in numerous events.

Zip was a victim of a hit and run that left him with spinal injuries that put a halt to his active life.

This story hits close to home for me as my soul mate Sheltie was hit and killed by a hit and run car as I watched from our kitchen window.

You can see in this video that Zip is still an active and driven dog as he runs the course with precision and grace and he even jumps a few of the “jumps” despite the limitations of the wheelchair.

If this doesn’t touch your heart you better check for a pulse. Please share this story of inspiration with all your friends.