The Amazing Story of a Phenomenal Dog Agility Team

I can hardly write this post without crying and I must admit the tears were flowing during the video.

I made a mistake, I read the description while watching the video.

This video was not made as a tribute, but a month after that is what it became.

This is such a tender story of a girl and her dog struggling to make a team and learning to fly together.

And that is exactly what they did as they finally came together there was nothing they couldn’t do.

Title after title, win after win, this team was on fire.  Then they got the terrible news.  Dylan had cancer, lymphoma.

In a short year, Dylan passed on leaving only her memories and a legacy that will live on for a long time.

It reminds us to cherish each run, each mistake, each bad day and each good day because we never know which one will be our last.

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