Homemade Natural Flea and Tick Spray

If you would like an alternative to chemical flea spray, this is an excellent video showing you how to make non toxic spray.

WARNING:  The first recipe IS NOT safe to apply to cats due to the rosemary and most cats hate the smell of citrus.

Some people rather use whole lemons to get the benefits from the lemon oil in the rinds.  Just cut 4-5 lemons into pieces, boiled for 5mins and simmered for 45mins in 2 1/2cups water, allowed to cool to room temps, strained and then used.

Also note that you can use the whole lemon mixture on it’s own as a daily repellent if you do not have rosemary.

If you have bad fleas you should spray pet beds after washing as well as areas that pets frequent.

Also note that garlic is toxic to dogs and they should not be fed raw garlic.  To learn more you can go to www.earthclinic.com

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