Gorgeous Runs by Gorgeous at Her First Dog Agility Regionals

Kathy Mazzola and her Border Collie Gorgeous are smoking hot at their first Dog Agility Regionals Championships.

Taking first in Grand Prix and second in Steeplechase in the first round at the 2012 USDAA South Central Regional is no mistake.

Their runs are smooth and seamless attesting to the hours of practice and training they have put in.

Though Gorgeous was still feeling a bit sore from all the training the week prior, she does a spectacular job on these courses.

The running dog walk is spectacular and I love the way Gorgeous runs to the box to get her leash, but checks with mom first to make sure that it’s ok.

And how about that a-frame in the second run?  Kathy doesn’t even look back she is so confident of Gorgeous’ contacts.

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