Cirkus Takes the Silver at Helsinki WC With This Beautiful Run

Jan Egil Eide and Cirkus from Norway took home the silver at the 2008 World Championships in Helsinki.

Not too many breeds outside of the Border Collie are seen winning at this level of the large dog division.

This Malinois is fast, accurate and loud.  Cirkus takes a few glances back during the run which may have cost them a little time, but other than that it was a wonderful run.

It is a little surprising there aren’t more Malinois on the agility course as they have an intense drive and are fast dogs.

Also known as the Belgium Shepherd they do come from the herding group, but are better known for their police/protection work.

I think they are amazing dogs to watch work as like the Border Collie they are focused and quick.  Click the Like button if you enjoyed watching Cirkus run with the big dogs.