Would You Adopt A Dog That Drives?

Training dog agility takes a lot of positive energy from the handler as well as a great sense of humor.

Still, for some dogs it can become, how shall we say it, boring.  Too much of a good thing can be bad.

So we try to keep things shook up by teaching tricks, doing agility on a walk, going to the beach or just chillin’.

Well, how about teaching your dog to drive the car like these New Zealand shelter dogs?

Porter a bearded collie cross and his driving buddies are Monty, a giant schnauzer and Ginny a beardie whippet cross are doing what they can to raise awareness on the value of a shelter dog as a pet.

For those that can an adopted dog make great additions to the family and seem to know that they are special when they get their new home.

And dog agility is one of the best ways to grow your bond as Annie shares:  Agility has brought out the best in my rescue dog. Chico has gone from fearful and aggressive to cooperative and cheerful. I’m not a whole lot more coordinated or athletic than I was when we started, but they say I’m coming along too.

If you can, don’t shop, Adopt.