World Champion Dock Dogs Relay With World Champion Lumberjacks

No it’s not agility, but it is another “cool” extreme dog sport, called Dock Dogs.

You have probably seen these dogs on TV in the Rose Parade or on America’s Got Talent.

But today, you will see a relay between some of the World Champion Dock Dogs and World Champion Lumberjacks.

I am not sure which is more amazing, but I am confident you will never see me in any Lumberjack competitions after watching these guys!

Dock Dogs compete to see who can jump the farthest off a “dock” after their favorite toy.

A lot of the success of the jump lies in the handlers ability to throw the motivator correctly.

If it is under thrown it can cause the dog to look back in his jump and therefore shorten the jump as well as throwing it to the side of the pool.

Many dogs go after a Frisbee which adds a bit more challenge to the handler getting the Frisbee to fly in a way that encourages the dog to reach out and extend the jump.

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