Wish Your Best Dog Agility Run Looked Like Janita’s Worst?

This video has three runs with Janita Leinonen and her dogs Hitti and Fu that are purely mind blowing especially after reading her title.

Janita titled this video “Sometimes you do well, sometimes not,” so we were expecting some monumental blooper in the final run.

We had to start laughing, at ourselves, because we would have been tickled pink to have the run Janita labels as the “sometimes not.”

When you consider that this is Hitti’s 325th clean run in competitions in the highest class and Fu’s 65th win in competitions in the highest class, you fully grasp the level of performance they are accustomed to.

Thankfully, Janita also recaps the point in the run that she attributes to her dog for correcting her mistake as we were having a hard time seeing it.

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