Why There Are No MACH Salukis in Dog Agility

The Salukis are sight hounds known for their independent spirit not their train-ability.  They have a job and get it done without human interference.

But they wouldn’t be the first breed that has been introduced to the sport against the odds and succeeded.

You just have to know that in order to work with them you need a lot of patience and a healthy sense of humor.

Without those you will go crazy or give up before you get to the point where you can start reaping the benefits of tenacity.

These dogs are at their advanced beginners dog agility graduation so they have been at it for awhile proving how much patience and humor you need.

If you have a dog that makes you wonder why you started in dog agility, you will know how good a pat on the back is.  So be sure to LIKE and SHARE this video after you get done drying your eyes.