Why Do We Limit Our Agility Dogs Abilities and Intelligence?

I came across this video that is absolutely amazing to watch.  This Standard Poodle is knocking it out of the park with distance work.

Not only does the handler have control of the dog’s distance, he also has complete control of direction and position.

Why then do we say that our agility dogs cannot work at a distance reliably when this dog is proving it can be done.

It isn’t our dogs that have the limitations, it is us putting limitations on ourselves and our dogs.

Yes, it takes work and some dogs take much more work, but any dog can be taught reliable distance work like this.

Most of us will not even need this much distance, just 10 feet or so and we can cheat with using different commands.  This dog must decipher numbers of tweets on a whistle.

So stop limiting your team by saying you can’t, get out there and say you will do what it takes to make it happen.

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