When Hunter Was Ready He Earned His MACH In a Special Way

I think dog agility really ought to have a better name that describes what it does for the heart, soul and mind of dog and human alike.

Many of us start dog agility because we want to “help” our dogs heal, grow and become better partners with us.

We think we are changing our dogs when in reality I believe we are the ones doing the growing, healing and becoming better partners.

It is us that have to learn how to work our way into our dog’s world and bring him out to his full potential.

We have to learn how to listen to, focus on, communicate with, wait for and accept our dogs, then they will reciprocate.

And when they do, they do so wholeheartedly with no strings attached.  They will give their all for that is all they know how to do.

And Hunter did just that in this very special MACH run shared by his owner Chrisin Nataro, a story that deserves to be LIKED and SHARED with all your dog agility friends.