What Kennel Cough and Heart Cough Sound Like

For those that keep their dogs at home with no exposure to other dogs, these issues are not very prevalent.

For those that board their dogs out, rescue dogs from shelters or are exposed to many other dogs you will want to know how to identify the different coughs in dogs.

The Kennel Cough is highly contagious and if your dog is exposed to others dogs you will want to keep your dog current on this booster shot.

You will also want to know how to identify the cough so you can remove your dog from an area where another dog is heard coughing in this manner.

If you come into contact with a dog you suspect has Kennel Cough be sure to sanitize yourself and change clothes before coming into contact with other dogs.

Heart cough is actually quite different and can be helped with medication and this video is not meant to keep you and your dog away from the vet.

If you notice a persistent cough in your dog you will want to contact your vet and get directions from them on how to proceed.

This is an excellent video to SHARE with others so they can identify these coughs in their dogs as well as dogs they may come in contact with.