What is Treibball

This looks like a super fun game to play with your dogs to build independent working skills as well as distance and directional control.

Though not as high key as other dog sports, this sport is great for the handler that can no longer keep up with the fast pace of agility.

It gives the dog a job that is fun and challenging and everyone is happy, even my dog loved watching this video.

According to the ATA, American Treibball Association, the game is fairly simple.

“At the sound of a whistle to start timing, the handler directs the dog to the point ball, and the dog drives that ball into the net first. Then the handler chooses which balls for the dog to bring in, and in what order. The dog can be directed to bring in all the blue balls, all the large balls first, or any combination of size and colors, but the dog should only bring the ball to which he is directed. The game stops when all eight balls are in the net/goal and the dog lies down in front of the goal, just like penning sheep!”

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