What is the Tandem Turn in Dog Agility

It is said that the Tandem Turn is a form of the Rear Cross, but the two are different in how they affect your dog’s lines.

Definitely an advanced handling move that will take some practice and most likely best attempted after your rear cross is solid.

Reason being, your dog needs to be comfortable losing sight of you while running and know to turn when you change sides.

While both the Tandem Turn and the Rear Cross are asking for your dog to make a turn, the rear cross is usually done when the dog is committed to the current obstacle and the Tandem is done between obstacles.

When watching this great video demonstration by OneMindDogs you will see it could also be thought of as a double u-turn. Both you and the dog are making a change in direction onto the desired line before the dog enters the obstacle.

Really fun to watch and notably harder to perform, so be sure to SHARE this great move with your friends so you can help each other master it.