What Is Dog Agility? It’s A Team

Some may never “Get It” that dog agility is not just a sport, it’s a bond between man and animal that transcends definition.

Emelie has once again provided an exceptional inspirational video that cuts right to the heart of dog agility.

May this ALWAYS be the drive behind the sport and let dog agility never follow the course of many other sports by falling victim to the realm of money and politics. So do what you can to keep it real and keep it fun.

Keep the sport alive on all levels, not being afraid to share and invite others to join the game and challenge of building a lifetime partnership and communication line between them and their dog.

And no matter how good you get, never forget to reach down and help others in what ever way you can. Helping them to obtain that which you have already gained.

Now share this inspiring video with all your friends regardless if they run dog agility or not.