What is a Puli Dog and are They Right for Dog Agility

The Puli is a herding and livestock protection dog from the hills of Hungry that are intelligent and agile dogs despite their bulky look.

They are also protective dogs completely devoted to their owner making them superb partners in the agility ring.

So why is this great dog listed on the rare dog list with only around 150 new registered dogs a year in the USA?

Maybe it is their coat which can take hours to groom and days to dry after a bath or their focus and determination that can sometimes yield to headstrong attitudes.

They are not considered an easy dog to have due to their temperament and coat, but make wonderful family dogs with their playful spirit and super guardians.

While they may not be the best dog for everyone, the Puli is full of rewards for those willing to make the investment into training and care of these talented dogs.

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