What is a Dog Agility PNU Anyway

Susan Garrett is well know for her training success and creative ways of getting into both the handler and dog’s head.

This is a great video demonstration of the use of the PNU in dog agility foundation training that develops tight, correct turns in the dog as well as body position of the handler.

PNU simple stands for Pool Noodle Upright and, as you can see in this video, is not limited to noodles. You can use just about anything of similar shape and size.

Susan stresses five steps in her PNU training, building value, multi-wraps, no contact with the upright and finally building distance.

Notice how the handler doesn’t correct the dog for his mistakes, she simply withholds the reward and tries again.

Super cute when a bird crosses the pattern, it shows how much more drive and energy this little dog has on reserve.

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