Yoshi the Amazing Sheltie Earning His Dog Agility QQ #11

Kara Corn has done great work with her super little dog Yoshi and the proof is in all this QQs and even close QQQs!

Kara has to work a little harder than other teams due to the fact that Yoshi is NOT toy driven.

Those that have had to work with a dog like that know that you have to be a bit more creative with your training.

You have to search for those treats your dog would walk on hot coals to get to, work the dog when he is hungry and your can’t throw treats to increase drive.

Shelties can be a bit quirky as it is, so don’t kid yourself into thinking all you have to do is teach the dog toy drive.

Big Kudos to Kara for getting Yoshi running with this kind of drive and enthusiasm without the help of toys!