Tough Dogs Smash Agility but Wont Pass Cats

Watch as these bad boy dogs refuse to pass the cute kitty in the doorway.

Rotties, Labs and even Boxers would rather walk on hot coals then pass the family cat in close quarters.

Even Border Collies, Buhunds and other hounds refuse their owners requests with sheepish grins and wagging tails.

Now some have every right to be afraid to pass when you see the fat cat laying on the floor out weighs the poor pup.

Some do finally work up the courage to slither past the cat which takes the opportunity to deliver a couple swats to the behind of the dog as it passes.

In many households the cat and dog enjoy each other and even sleep on the same bed, but not in this film.

There is no love exchanged here unless you think those a love pats given by the cat.

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