These UKC Agility All Stars Are Loving Dog Agility

Here is another great example of not only the different obstacles you may encounter at a UKC trial but also the different breeds and speeds of teams that participate as well.

Along with jumps, dog walk and tunnel, this course also sports the sway bridge, hoop tunnel and plank jump which adds it’s own level of difficulty.

You can see the look of annoyance on some of the faster dogs as they step over the jump rather than jump it as if they want to show how fast they could go over it.

Many of these teams will cross over into other venues which is a super idea for the dogs as well as it keeps them fresh on different obstacles and forces them to concentrate.

It is unfortunate that there aren’t more UKC trials held around the word especially in the United States so that more people could have the chance at this fun venue.

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