Watch Morgan Become the First Great Dane to Earn NATCH

So there you are at your 3rd, 5th, 10th trial and you are getting frustrated that you and your dog have not earned a title.

Well check out Morgan who, at the time of this video, had been running agility for 8yrs and at age 11 earns a NATCH!

Not only that but she is the FIRST Great Dane to do so as well as to earn a MACH and MAD title!

So how long does it take to earn a title in dog agility with your dog?  As long as it takes.

The NADAC Agility Trial Champion title award was given to Morgan “Danger” Powers on July 11, 2010 in Golden, Colorado at the Mountain Dog Sports Agility trial under judge Patty LeRoy from Canada.

So sit back and enjoy the ride! Not only do you not know when your last run will be, you don’t want to miss the special times waiting for the “Big Win.”

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