Germany’s Dog Agility Teams at 2010 FCI World Championship Day One

Though a bit longer video it is so neat to watch different teams run the same pattern.

You can see how simple mistakes like a cue mere moments late or early can cause missed entries.

Large teams, Phillipp Muller and Finn, Silas Boogk and Back, Claudia Elsner and Joey.

Medium teams, Nicola Dorny and Finja, Stephnie Tiemann and Chilly, Daniel Schroder and Nick

Small teams, Paul Hirning and Jet, Ilona Rinke and Leeroy, Hinky Nickels and Pitch

In 2010 the Large starters were 14 of 30 teams. The Mediums 23 out of 28 teams and the Small 12 out of 12!

What I love most is the energy the crowd puts out especially when the competitors make mistakes.

And while no one likes to see top competitors miss the mark, it is good to know they do.

It helps us to not be so hard on ourselves and out dogs at the lower levels.