Germany Small and Medium Dog Agility 2010 FCI WC Day 2

How can you get bored watching these great teams literally dance around the dog agility courses?

This is day two of the 2010 FCI World Championships in Rieden, Germany with the German Small and Medium Teams

Medium teams; Nicola & Finja, Stephanie & Chilly and Daniel & Nick; Paul & Jet, Ilona & Leeroy and Hinky & Pitch make up the Small team.

It is neat to see in the first two runs how one little difference in handling made a big difference in performance.

You will also see how slight mistakes like raising the arm too high for too long pushes Pitch into the Tunnel.

Dogs are such amazing creatures when you see how well they read body language.

When the heat is on we must remain consistent in our movements or it can cost the run.

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