Emma the English Shepherd Qualifies for Scottsdale

This team has some nice clean runs that got them qualified for the semi-finals in Scottsdale at the time of this video.

Yes, they had some mistakes, but both handler and dog kept it together and didn’t let those bobbles get to them.

Though covered with the music, you can also see that Emma has a lot to say about the course as well.

Did Emma know that her handler didn’t get to walk that one course before they ran or is she just a talker?

Emma is a beautiful dog, but just what is the English Shepherd?  The breed’s motto:  A farmer’s helper, a loyal companion, a child’s shadow: The English Shepherd.

They are known for their skills in herding, dog sports and even hunting, being known to tree just about anything including the neighbor’s cat.  They have also been known to take to tree climbing themselves.

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