Emelie and Her Shelties Ace Running Contacts

There is more than one way to teach contacts, but you will see the obvious advantage to successful running contact training.

Emelie’s dogs, Vilda and Viggo, are the perfect example of how much time can be saved on a run with solid running contacts.

You have to teach them correctly or you will experience fly-offs and not only is that dangerous it is disaster for your run.

Many will teach both the running contact along with 2 on 2 off contacts so they can have options on a course,

such as during inclement weather when you may be running your dog on slippery surfaces and don’t want to chance your dog falling.

Please note that Emelie has spent numerous hours training her dogs to get to this point.

This video is an result of that time, so don’t be discouraged if your dog is still learning, look at it as an obtainable goal.