Cindy and Her Three Dogs at USDAA Trial

Each of Cindy’s dogs has it’s own style on the agility course that is fun to watch!

Fever the Belgium Malinois, looks as has such an assertive and serious air about him as he attacks each obstacle especially the down on the table.

Inci the Dobbie runs the course with such grace and fluidity and calmness that you could watch them run all day!

While Robby, true to his breed, streaks through the course so quick you have no time to blink.

Cindy mentions that the surface is not the best for large dogs, I want to also point out the center strap on the tunnel in the second run and how much it is collapsing the tunnel.  Not good for big dogs either.

Despite these issues Cindy and her dogs do a great job on the courses and even earn some coveted “Q’s!”

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