WAO 2013 Individual Pentathalon

Susan Garrett and her dog, Feature, do an amazing job at the 2013 WAO in the Individual Pentathalon.

They make these extremely complex and difficult courses look like a simple dog agility practice session.

However, I need it in slow motion to be able to follow all the superb crosses and handling over these challenging courses.

The level of competition is so high that just a couple of minor mistakes could make the difference between being on the

podium or just being in the top ten.

And while many of you may not be interested in competing at this level, it is a real eye opener to see what is really possible.

Dedication, consistency, and loads of repetition is what it takes to build a line of communication like this.

Even if you never plan to go this far, always set your goals high while keeping your training upbeat and attainable.

In no time you will develop a partnership with your dog you never knew was possible.

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