Using the “Zen Bowl” to Polish Dog Agility Teeter and Table

Here is a great example of the use of a “Zen Bowl” in the training of dog agility obstacle performance.

We understand this dog is advanced in it’s training, but what we want to point out is the dog’s focus while working.

Rachel is using the “Zen Bowl” to reward Péle’s stop and focus on the seesaw and her speed and down on the table.

But Péle is not consumed by the presence of the “Zen Bowl,” instead her focus is on Rachel until given the command to go to the bowl.

There is a lot of work leading up to the use of the bowl in training and your dog needs to have a firm understanding and cue system before adding it to training.

If you have never used the “Zen Bowl” in your training but want to learn how, we encourage you to start with impulse control games first.