USDAA Safety Breakaway Dog Agility Tire

This is an excellent video showing how the breakaway tire works in the event of a miscalculation by your dog.

They show you all the variety of ways it will release as well as how it is sturdy under incidental contact.

It is a little humorous as they send the dog through in order to demonstrate incidental contact, but the dog clears the tire beautifully almost every time.

Again, there is no price you can put on the safety of dogs running in a competition and more so a training environment.

If you know of an organization that does not use a breakaway tire, please share this as well as the footage of dogs getting hurt to inspire them to make the change.

If you are looking for a breakaway tire for your club or organization, check out Affordable Agility’s quality competition equipment at affordable prices, the investment is worth the peace of mind.