UKC Dog Agility Obstacles can be Tricky

The UKC is one of the most interesting venues of dog agility and is known for it’s user friendly atmosphere making it a super place to start your agility career.

In this video you will see Nicoh and his handler Richard Brooks do a stellar job on their debut performance in AG1-A and AG2-A.

Not only are there so many neat obstacles you can encounter at a UKC trial, but in the beginner classes you are allowed 3 attempts at an obstacle in AG1-A and 2 in AG2-A (points deducted) and still qualify.

To top it off you can also walk your dog through the course to familiarize them with the obstacles in the beginner class as well.

You just have to be careful with big dogs on some obstacles as they can easily stride right over them as Nicoh did a few times.

And for those wondering they got a DQ on a run when Nicoh overshot the pause box (attempt 1), Richard called him back and Nicoh went through the box (attempt 2) and then sent him back in (attempt 3). They only had two tries on this course.

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