Great Indoor Dog Agility Training Ideas

Amber Abbett gives you enough ideas for work indoors that will keep you busy for weeks, lets just hope you aren’t cooped up that long.

You don’t need a huge living-room to work on these exercises either and if you want to work on a full weave set, try a hall way.

Just keep in mind that if you have hard or slick surfaced floors to put down rugs so your dog doesn’t slip or get sore.

There is no excuse for not getting a few minutes of training in even if it’s dark out. You can practice these during commercial breaks in the evening as well.

If your dog cannot do some of these tricks then you now have a good challenge on your plate to work on as well.

These are great ideas to SHARE with your friends and if it gave you a challenge be sure to LIKE it as well. If you need practice equipment such as jumps, rocker board or dog walk plank, check out Affordable Agility for all your equipment needs.