This English Bulldog is Unstoppable in Dog Agility

It is true that you wont see many English Bulldogs competing in dog agility, but the ones that are competing are doing just fine.

Dog trainer Cheryl Knapp takes her bulldog, Gabe, through a beginner’s agility class in this beautifully orchestrated video put together by her sons.

Cheryl has had three Bullies who have earned their Utility Dog titles in obedience, also qualifying them for induction into our BCA Performance Hall of Fame.

At the time of this video, Gabe had one UDX leg and was working on his Open Jumpers dog agility title.

If that wasn’t enough he was working on his TD which will make him the first VCD2 Bulldog as well as 5 more pts for his AKC Ch (one more major!) and he’ll be Cheryl’s first AKC Champion.

Cheryl really has proved the Bully can do it all and makes it fun to watch as well. If you know Bulldog lovers, be sure they get to see this wonderful team.