This Dog Agility Team Concurs TDAA’s Blackjack G1

TDAA offers many different games to challenge and entertain teams such as this game called Blackjack.

There are many variations on the game but they all require a maximum of 21 points accumulated in a set time.

Even one point over 21 when the dog hits the table will eliminate their run and it is scored by points plus time.

In order to Q the team must collect the 21 points under time with no faults in the run like most other dog agility games.

We are not sure why this team was trying for 17 points, but it might be a variation that this club uses on the starter classes.

As you can see TDAA is a great venue to start your small dogs with as the atmosphere is very friendly and laid back. This team does just fine and if you agree be sure to click LIKE.