This Basset is Lightning Fast at CPE Fullhouse

We have seen some speedy Basset Hounds, but Xena takes the cake!  You have to see this to believe it.

There is no way you will ever doubt the speed and agility of this breed stereotyped as dull and lazy.

In fact, Xena is well on her way to being a threat to the “faster” breeds like the Jack Russell and Sheltie.

For those unfamiliar with CPE’s Full House, the goal accumulate required points before time is out.

These are: Three-of-a-kind – 3 single bar jumps; Twosome – 2 “circles” (tunnel, collapsed tunnel, or tire) and a Joker – 1 (contact, weave, broad jump, double or triple jump).

Points are: 1 for jumps; 3 for circles; 5 for joker; the table stops the clock and is always live.

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