Basset Hound Loving Dog Agility CPE Jackpot

This Basset Hound breaks all the stereotypes of the breed with loads of energy and an extra helping of personality.

This team did a great job on the course getting a first level 2 jackpot Q and a first place.

They attempted the weave poles to run out the clock and to be near the Jackpot when the horn went off.

In CPE’s Jackpot game you are trying to accumulate points in two parts on a “Standard” type course with contact equipment.

On the first part of the course there is no course map and the team tries to accumulate the necessary points for the level they are competing in before the horn blows.

At the blow of the horn the team moves to the “gambler” area of 3-4 obstacles that have to be completed in sequence with the handler behind a line and out of the obstacle area.

It is in that area that you earn your jackpot by successfully completing the obstacles before the horn sounds the second time ending with the table where at least on foot must touch.

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