Shaping The Recall with Donna Hill Part 4 The Premack Principle

Donna Hill explains the Premack Principle in this the final video of her series on teaching a solid recall.

You see this applied with shaping your dog for other cues as well such as giving up a favorite toy during play for another of similar value.

All during this training you have been giving your dog a reward that needed to be more enticing than the distraction.

If at any point in this training you find your dog losing interest in your reward, it isn’t high value enough.

You need to find a higher value toy, food or interaction that is perceived by your dog as more “fun” than the distraction.

Keep proofing and keep watching your dog for clues on what stimulates them so you can set them up for proofing.

Please use common sense with long lines and if your dog has no car sense, do not use them near roads etc.