The Proper Introduction of the Clicker In Agility Training

The clicker allows you to be consistent in your reward for correct behavior making it easier for the dog to learn the desired responses.

However, you do need to learn how to use it correctly as it can become as meaningless as any other cue when not used properly.

Tab and Solea do a great job of showing you how to introduce your dog to the clicker and the proper use of it as a motivator for your dog.

This does rely on a dog loving treats more than what is going on around him, so if your dog is not that food oriented, take them to a quiet place to start the training process.

It is the click that tells the dog “yes” not the treat.¬† So if your dog cannot be motivated with any food, use the object he loves as the treat.

This is a super introduction to the clicker called, charging the clicker, and if you found it helpful click LIKE or if you know someone getting started in clicker training be sure to SHARE it with them.