The Lurcher Loves Dog Agility Too

The Lurcher is a unique dog bred in Ireland and Great Britain by Irish gypsies and tinkers and deriving it’s name from the Romany word Lur, meaning thief.

They were keep for their ability as luring dogs, chasing down and killing rabbits and hares for it’s handler.

They were not bred to a specific standard though they were a cross of sight hound, terriers and collies.

Because of this they also come in both smooth and longer haired varieties as well as a diverse array of colors and can be the size of a whippet all the way to the size of a Deerhound.

They are mostly found in Ireland and Great Britain and today breeding is a bit more systematic breeding Lurcher to Lurcher to perpetuated their prowess at coursing.

In this video you will see they can also excel in dog agility and are amazing jumpers due to the sight hound blood.

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