Lavalley Dog Bloopers

No one is perfect especially when it comes to team work with an animal.

We would like to think we know what we are doing and doing a pretty good job at it, but they will prove you wrong.

It is all about being able to laugh at ourselves and forgive ourselves as well as our dogs on these days.

So sit back and have a little chuckle at these great antics that make dog agility a challenge on so many levels.

Ever have this kind of run caught on tape and were to embarrassed to share it? Don’t be.

I am sure I am speaking for everyone when I say we are laughing with you not at you.

So go ahead and share those bloopers with everyone and learn from the mistakes we all have made at some point.

And if you got a chuckle from this film or even learned a thing or two, be sure to Like and Share it with others.