Funkee Monkee and Kayl at the WAO 2014

Anyone that has seen Kayl McCann handle dogs knows what a treat it is to watch her compete as well.

Her she is with her equally talented dog, Funkee Monkey, defending their gold metal standing at the 2014 World Agility Open.

You can see right away that something isn’t quite right on the first run, it is missing the fluidity of Kayl’s usual runs.

This was due in part to all the challenges she met coming into Italy where she suffered from allergies, a chest, nose & eye infection & a hurt foot.

She had also come from competing at the IFCS the weekend before in Netherlands and was all over tired.

But after that first run, Kayl and Funkee didn’t look back as they found their stride and went on to win several class firsts and the bronze in the Pentathlon event!

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