The Best Way to Teach Teeth Cleaning to Your Dog

Donna Hill does an amazing job of showing you how to acclimate your dog to having their teeth brushed.

We want to stress the importance of good oral hygiene for your dog knowing first hand how bad teeth can lead to death.

Small dogs are especially prone to tooth problems needing your help to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

We also want to stress that dogs have died on the table during traditional routine tooth cleaning by experienced vets.

When possible elect find someone who can give your dog’s teeth a proper cleaning without anesthesia.

If you take the time to train your dog and keep their teeth clean, you won’t need to have them done by anyone else.

Please SHARE this video with ALL your dog friends as clean teeth could save a life and here is a super story on how your dog’s teeth may be able to be saved, Saving a Service Dog’s Teeth.