2013 Crufts YKC Dog Agility Competition

This is the full video of the first day of competition so it is the full half hour, but it is worth the length.

Watching these very young kids compete with their mixed breed dogs is so much fun.

You will get a good giggle as the dogs check in with the judge, crowd and stewards.

You will also gain inspiration as 10yr old’s fly through the course with clean, fast runs.

The youth are were the life of the sport rests as they learn, grow and pass the passion to the next generation.

They also learn life lessons on responsibility, hard work, dedication and achievement as well as confidence and self worth.

There are so many facets to dog agility beyond the blue ribbon which is why I love the sport so much.

Support the youth that compete in this great sport whenever you can and today start with sharing this video with everyone.