These Teams Grab a Well Deserved Q With TDAA Triathlon

Oh yeah, that’s right! ┬áNot only are these Terriers acing this Triathlon dog agility course, they are doing it in TDAA style.

TDAA Triathlon is a 3 dog/3 handler game where each team runs one of the three courses in relay fashion collecting points.

Malcom the Westie and his handler do a super job on the Snookers course racking up some great points and loving the teeter!

Reiver the Border Terrier has a blast in the Gamblers course and his handler does a great job getting in position for the gamble.

And Happy the Cairn Terrier is just that, happy with the final leg, Jumpers with a small detour for an extra tunnel run.

Once again, TDAA proves little dogs can have big fun and if you enjoyed watching these teams be sure to LIKE and SHARE.