Teacup Dog Agility Dogwalk

A bunch of you have asked where you can purchase TDAA practice equipment…

This is an important question for those with small dogs as most standard equipment is dangerous and doesn’t function correctly for teacup dogs.

To show you the difference I found this video demonstration of Affordable Agility’s Teacup Dog Agility dog walk.

Sturdy and light weight, it is the perfect size for your teacup dogs yet is able to accommodate larger dogs as well.

They also have other Teacup Dog Agility equipment as well.  Click Here for Affordable Agility

Hope you are able to find all that you need for your small dog to keep them at the top of their agility game.

And remember they also have standard equipment as well, so check them out today.

A great place to go to get your equipment to get a club/practice group together as well.

Whatever your desires check out Affordable Agility and see how they can get you started.

Click Here for Affordable Agility and be sure to share this with all your teacup friends so they can get going as well.