Teaching Dog Agility Table and Fixing the Fly Off

As we have come to expect, Pam does a brilliant job of demonstrating how to teach your dog and this time with the table.

While the table is mostly only used in the agility classes, it still deserves it’s fair share of work as there are many issues that could arise without it.

In this video Pam goes over what to do if your dog decides it is much more fun to bounce on and off the table without a pause.

While this is ok for some CPE games, your dog must have a release to keep this from becoming an issue should your dog need to pause.

And while Pam shows setting up different jump combinations you will also need to proof it with other obstacle entry and exits.

If your dog tries to run under the table you should lower it until they understand to jump up and if they still try going under you can block it with plexiglass or a lower bar until they are solid.

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